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Heated Vest for Men, 6 Pockets, 4 Heating Panels, 3 Mode, Electric Outdoors Coat , Adjustable Electric Heating Clothing… (Black, Large)

Maintain You Warm: The warmed vest with 4 carbon fiber home heating panels can warm up your core body locations: the ideal and also left sides of Belly/Abdomen, the center of the Back and also the Neck Collar. On HIGH the temperature level of the coat can obtain up to 140 ° F/60 ° C, on MEDIUM 108 ° F/42 ° C and also on LOW 86 ° F/30 ° C. Cool? We do not simply provide you a warmed vest – we provide you flexibility, advancement as well as style.Functional & Fashionable Design: Our warmed vest consists of a vast variety of pockets: 2 Outside Breast Pockets, 2 Side Pockets and also 2 Built-in Pockets.

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